Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 - October 15, so this year, the University of South Carolina wants to highlight programs that directly address the needs of the Latinx community on campus and in our state. Our campaign will run through November 1, Día de los Muertos and all funds raised will go to the programs selected.

The Apple Core Initiative at the College of Education recruits, enrolls and retains South Carolina high school students from historically underrepresented populations into the teacher education programs at the University of South Carolina to fill both a capacity and diversity void in South Carolina public schools.

The Center on Migration at the College of Social Work aims to advance our understanding of immigration and the policies that shape it. In addition to promoting interdisciplinary research at UofSC, the Center works to translate findings into actionable recommendations for policymakers, nonprofits, and local communities.

At the Arnold School of Public Health, PASOs provides culturally responsive education on family health, early childhood, and positive parenting skills; individual guidance for participants in need of resources; and partnership with health care and social service providers to help them provide more effective services. Founded in 2005, PASOs helps the Latino community and service providers work together for strong and healthy families.

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